same as it ever was

Collective Imaginaries Workshop CALL (Motovun, September 2023)

This workshop explores the pasts and futures of coexistence between humans, animals and nature, focusing on the symbolisms used to represent these relationships.

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (1490 – 1510)

They present a collective imaginarium embodied in beings and shapes communicating beyond their origin, legible on a subliminal level. The workshop asks how architecture, design and art can become tools for transforming the way people interact with nature, specifically which formal idioms facilitate this interaction. Can specific languages of objects facilitate communications and understandings of fragile equilibria of systems we belong to? How do collages of the existing and imaginary interpret coexistence, and how do they contribute to the development of a new approach to the physical environment? The workshop aligns with the concepts of “presence”, “ongoing and effective care that stays alert to many sorts of history” (Donna Haraway writing about Patricia Piccinini’s work). Triggering the desire to gain this understanding comes through intervention and artistic interpretation which communicates on levels of inherited collective memories and subconscious recognition. Bringing together an interdisciplinary group of students, tutors and guests, the workshop will invite projects that reassemble traces of nature and culture and aim toward a new approach in designerly practice.

Tutors: Tonči Čerina (rothcerina), Vedran Kasap (Clinica Studio, Universtiy of Zagreb), Niko Mihaljević (University North, Koprivnica),  Ivica Mitrović (Arts Academy, Split), Mia Roth (rothcerina, University of Zagreb), Ozana Ursić (Clinica Studio)

Participants: students from the partner schools: Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb; School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb; University North, Koprivnica; Arts Academy, Split; Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, Split.