same as it ever was

Dynamic coexistence

Exploring the unique protected landscape around the rivers Sava and Lonja, one of Europe’s largest wetlands, requires time and understanding of processes not immediately apparent. The Lonja wetlands go through radical changes over the course of a year – the rivers flood after winter, rendering the plains into a sequence of shallow liquid mirrors in which fish breed in spring. The retracting waters leave little swarming lakes – a feast for the many bird species. After the rivers return to their course, the vast grassy plains are the reign of livestock which roam freely. Centuries of dynamic coexistence of wild, domesticated and human species created expressions of a cultural heritage which grew from a symbiotic relationship of an everchanging landscape and communities synchronizing their way of life with it. Many transient actors move and travel through this landscape.

Their importance cannot be communicated through a single image or phenomenon, nor can the slowness of their seasonal change be experienced in a single visit. This environment’s significance lies within the symbioses of many species, of that which is unseen.